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FORTAS becomes IATA Strategic Partner

  Mar 18th, 2015  

IATA Strategic Partner - Logo

FORTAS – Worldwise Solutions that Fly is proud to announce that it has reach a very important milestone in obtaining the “IATA Strategic Partner” status with the world largest Aviation/Airline Association, the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Becoming an IATA Strategic Partner, will enable FORTAS to be at the forefront of the Aviation Industry decision making process. With over 250 airlines worldwide, the IATA leads the charge when comes time to discuss, propose and implement new regulations and is in constant discussion with the ICAO, the Aviation arm of the United Nations. As a Strategic Partner, FORTAS will be requested to participate in different workgroups and task forces.

The President of FORTAS, Mr. Claude Fortin said: “We have been supporting airlines and manufacturers worldwide for 15 years and this IATA Strategic Partner recognition is the toping on the cake. All the hard work we have been putting-down with our airline clients, made it that we are now recognized as a force in the industry. Enough so that our opinion and input will be requested and taken at the highest level.”

The President of FORTAS also being the Aviation Expert to the largest French-speaking television network in North-America, also continues the long list of recognition and achievement of our company.

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