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  Jan 5th, 2016  

FORTAS – Worldwise Solutions that Fly is proud to announce that is has successfully completed the recertification process of its Quality Process for the year 2016.

A lot of work has been completed in order to comply with this ever demanding regulation of our services. In an effort to run our operation as lean and efficient as possible, the continuing auditing of our process is something we all take very seriously. Alongside Jean-Pierre Camus, our ISO Consultant and Mario David of NQA Canada, M. Fortin celebrates the successful completion of our certification audit (With zero Non-Conformities).

The President of FORTAS said:” When you are dealing with the most important  industry leaders like we are, you have no choice but to aim for the best standing possible. The ISO 9001 norm, allows-us to maintain our KPI’s with AIRBUS, ATR, the U.N., CAE, the IATA and soon to be announced, another major manufacturer of aircrafts. No one else in our Industry does what we do, the way we do it! Working with this many Majors, says all there is to say about how FORTAS delivers its services. Our ISO process is a big reason for this!”

We would like to thank Mr. Jean-Pierre Camus (left on Picture) for his devotions throughout the year and Mr. Mario David (Center on Picture) for his thorough evaluation of our process.

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