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Numbers don’t lie

Airline Support man-hours

(MCC / PPC / LINE Assistance)

Our people have worked with over 30 airlines on 4 continents, alongside most major manufacturers, developing and integrating new maintenance platforms, streamlining maintenance operations, from the outstations to the MCC and PPC. By focalizing all your resources on a proven maintenance platform, FORTAS quickly creates a leaner process that maximizes revenue flights and almost eliminates maintenance delays and downtime.

MRO Support man-hours

(Personel Outsourcing)

Our people have been dispatched over the years in numerous MRO’s, Completion Centers and FBO’s, distributing the same quality service, whatever the location or job may be. From mechanics on C-checks to cabinet makers/finishers in state-of-the-art completion centers, the FORTAS professionals are devoted in their support missions and will make your interests come first.

Training Support man-hours


It has been a continuous mandate for our workers to train our supported clients staff. As our Airline Support is being given, many hours are actually spent training the maintenance staff on how to maximize the use of available documentation and introduce this newly acquired know-how in the daily flow of the FORTAS Maintenance Platform. As we also support newly formed and blue print airlines, our expertise in EASA Part145 training has become a routine seller just the same. These training sessions can be sold as a whole or in blocks.

Engineering Support man-hours

(Engineering outsourcing)

Our engineering capability allows us to support major manufacturers with pin-pointed design support in our offices or at your location for any variable period of time. We are often called-upon to revise and streamline the integration of multi-supplier engineering programs into one coherent platform, which facilitates the production line capacity to deliver goods in quicker fashion.

Clients Overview

Our staff has supported the following clients


Majors Manufacturers





Clients Testimonials


Airbus and ATR came along with FORTAS’s support operation which consisted in supporting our airline in 7 different cities across India, with a team of 29 specialists. It has been a very productive 18 months operation which covered the outside stations, MMC and PPC with restructuring and training. This joint operation was very productive and the communication between FORATS’s team Airbus and ATR is what made-it-all possible. When the last of FORTAS’s workers left Bangalore, the general dispatch condition and reliability of our aircrafts was up to standards.’’

MR Warwick Brady, CEO


FORTAS came in support of our airline in order to expand the capacity of our Maintenance Control and Planning. Their team quickly found the trouble areas and promoted, along with AIRBUS, the proper corrective actions. The action items put in place are still used today in a sustainable environment.


When FORTAS joined our organization, our Engineering and Planning Departments were not following EASA standards which made it very difficult for our airline to operate the way it should have been. The FORTAS team brought-in a fresh outlook which we still rely-on to this day.


FORTAS joined our airline in a general effort to structure our Maintenance Control, Production Planning and our outstations. Their input was built and developed over a period of 12 months, during which time our capacity to manage the Maintenance affairs of our airline was raised to EASA standards as we has requested.


FORTAS was introduced to us by ATR, as we needed to consult with specialists how to improve the efficiency of our ramp activities throughout our Caribbean outstations. Their consulting methods were direct and the proposed changes made a quick and sustainable effect on our operation.


Case Studies

Type – Airline

Location – Asia

The following numbers were taken from a Mission Report
These numbers are compiled from a supported case study airline

  • A320 operator
  • A330 operator
  • ATR-42 & 72 operator
  • Fleet of 75 aircrafts
  • JAR and FAR

The following sample numbers only account for A320 operation


  • Number of AOG were reduced by 65% over the course of 18 months
  • AOG reduced from 131 (10.9 per month) to 47 (3.9 per month)
  • Number of aircrafts in service rose over 300%
  • In-service aircrafts were 7 at the beginning and 23, 18 months later
  • Better dispatch reliability, less time-on-ground, more profitability!


Number of AOG were reduced by 65% over the course of 18 months
-AOG reduced from 131 (10.9 per month) to 47 (3.9 per month)
-Number of aircrafts in service rose over 300%
-In-service aircrafts were 7 at the beginning and 23, 18 months later

Better dispatch reliability, less time-on-ground, more profitability!
-Number of MEL were reduced by more than 60% over the course of 18 months
-Average Monthly MEL reduced from 70 to 48
-Average MEL Clearing time reduced close to 300%, due to troubleshooting training program
-Number of aircrafts in service rose over 300%
-In-service aircrafts were 7 at the beginning and 23, 18 months later

Better dispatch reliability, less time-on-ground, more profitability for the airline!


Type : Aircraft Manufacturer Field Service Support department

Location: Worlwide

FORTAS offers, as we always do, a flat monthly fee for all operations supplied to our clients. In this case, a major aircraft manufacturer opted for such a solution in order to maximize financial visibility and control over its field support operations. Part of a larger restructuring, this option became an obvious operation and management cost-saver and represented the flexibility to do more with the allocated budget, ultimately allowing the client to support its airlines and operators in a more complete and dedicated way. As we take away the trouble of managing the salaries, union conditions, the expense accounts, the travels, worker schedules and the everyday management of the away-teams, this solution quickly becomes an obvious one for our client. Our overhead also being close to zero, gives it the advantage to beneficiate from our most complete and competitive rates.

The recruiting of the support teams and professionalism of the representatives sent to support this client various international locations, also played a big role on the client plans to use such services. We can recruit through our network, workers from anywhere on the planet, allowing a local support, at any location the operation may be.

The FORTAS offer is always fully- inclusive and all that is left for our client’s control is a monthly invoice, which makes their international efforts, cost-predictable and surprise-free.


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