Fair Business Protocol

FORTAS believes that all business agreements, arrangements and transactions should be conducted with transparency with respect to the roles and responsibilities of all parties. Full disclosure in and clarity of transaction documentation is a key element of such transparency.

We believe that we should conduct our business relationships with suppliers and customers in a fair and reasonable manner and should comply with the letter and spirit of applicable laws and regulations.

We believe that we should encourage, to the extent reasonably practical, that all parties to a business agreement, arrangement or transaction operate consistent with these Principles.

We believe that it is incumbent upon us and our clients and suppliers, to promote education and awareness about this principle

We believe that business transactions and related activities should be conducted with integrity and the highest ethical standards

Privacy protocol

FORTAS believes that as we are dealing with most major aviation manufacturers and airlines, it is important we guarantee the safety of important information passing through our hands and those of our workers in the field. That is why FORTAS officialised the Privacy Protocol, which confirms that no information, whether critical or not, will make it outside of our business relations. We understand the position we are put into and the trust you put in us with your operations and we fully understand the implications of our relations. Be certain that FORTAS will respect the highest integrity possible.

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Jul 29th, 2016