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It has always been a dream of mine to support the aviation industry at the four corners of the world. In my college years, it was all I would wish for. The last fifteen years enabled me to do so, as I have been very fortunate to be at the forefront of the aviation services industry and worked my way up, supporting among others Airbus, ATR, Bombardier, CAE and the United Nations on many touchy operations, with merit. In the process I made friends and lasting relationships with clients, suppliers and their supporting crews, as well as with incredibly talented people that have been loyal in their dispatch with my teams, as employees, as friends.

They say that when you walk straight, you’ll never be lost. Well, I never got lost and that is why I can now continue producing, along with those colleagues, clients and friends, the same grade of service you are used to getting from me, in every way, shape or form; remaining professional which is the essence of what we do!

I have worked hard to build a reputation that I now see rewarded in the trust I am getting from the industry. I have also worked hard on our service platforms, together with exquisite employees and clients, supporting and trusting our dedication and vision.

That is why I am more than honored and thrilled to FORTAS building-up on the standards I have established thoroughly over the past 15 years, one that will revolutionize client relations by promoting the client before anything else and one in-which you will really recognize yourselves.

I present you FORTAS

If you know Claude Fortin, then you already know FORTAS!

Welcome home!

Claude Fortin


Claude spent his career supporting manufacturers and airlines for the past 15 years. Trained as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licensed Canada and endorsed on B737 and Q400, he quickly developed a sense for business, which catapulted him at the forefront of the industry. His ease for client relations, operation management and sales,, found interest rapidly at Bombardier in 2001, where he started supporting the Q400 operators around the globe. The years that followed saw many clients enter business with Claude including Airbus and ATR, which saw Mr. Fortin’s expertise in maintenance support operations being recognized by three of the five major aircraft manufacturers. Along the way, Mr. Fortin master planned similar support and development programs with flight simulation majors like CAE, Boeing and Alsim to name a few.

He has created an extensive network within the industry, allowing him to create alliances with many companies when certain assignment requires it, which ultimately, is always made to support 100% of the client needs. This is the special client approach that makes Claude’s reputation in the business, what it is!

As the CEO of FORTAS, Mr. Fortin is the operational backbone of the company and will manage the international representation and services programs. He will work from the company’s headquarters in Montreal with the rest of the management staff.

Robert Weiss

Robert comes to us from CAE as a seasoned Senior Project Manager. He has spent his career supporting manufacturers both in transportation and aerospace for the past 25 years. Robert comes from a distinguished list of major corporate players that include NovaBus, Vapor Rail, Wabtec, Alstom and most recently CAE. His past roles include, Senior Project Manager, Senior Program Manager, Marketing Manager, Customer Service Manager, QA Manager and Engineering Supervisor.

Daniel Crevier

Daniel has always been in project management since his early years in the Montreal banking system. In addition, he continued to master his public relations skills and his ability to manage large-scale projects. With FORTAS, he will keep using his planning skills by linking between CAE and our employees to provide the right staff on time services.

Martin Chretien

Martin Chretien started his career as a Graphic Designer and quickly developed a taste for project management. Amongst other projects, he had to supervise Marketing Campaigns with the National Hockey League (NHL) while at CCM/Reebok as a Project and Marketing Coordinator. His implication with FORTAS will require him to manage both CAE and AIRBUS projects.

Charles Lemieux

Founding Partner

As a Founding Partner, Mr. Charles Lemieux played an integral role in the early days financing of FORTAS.

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